College Degrees Viewed Skeptically

Sep 9, 2017

A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows 47 percent of Americans lack confidence that a four-year college degree “will lead to a good job and higher lifetime earnings.” Increased costs of a four-year degree, student debt levels, and a not so great economy are contributing to more Americans looking for other ways to go forward in life. Heather Swain, a VP for Communications at Michigan State said, “We’re aware of the various polls that show this decline in confidence. It’s happening across a wide variety of institutions. One of the things we’re doing to to try and make sure people understand the value of the university in different ways.” Joseph Glover, Provost for the University of Florida called the findings “somewhat startling.” “I think this is happening because there is a disconnect between the group of Americans who go to university and acquire an appreciation of life-long learning and another group people who never get access and never really understand the benefits a university brings to society at large.”