Fragile Snowflake Alert

Sep 9, 2017

University of California Berkeley will provide “support and counseling services for students, staff and faculty.” It seems an upcoming speaker at the university may cause trauma to some students. The university said, “We are deeply concerned about the impact some speakers may have on individuals’ sense of safety and belonging. No one should be made to feel threatened or harassed simply because of who they are or for what they believe. The cause for all this trauma? Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire. The conservative debater and writer will be speaking at the university on September 14. Although no students will be compelled to attend, “students who cannot countenance views that differ from their own are being offered counseling because of the possible psychological damage incurred by Shapiro’s rhetoric.” Shapiro said, “A healthy nation requires an emotionally and intellectually vigorous population ready to engage in open debate at all times. Shielding college students from opposing viewpoints makes the simultaneously weaker and more dangerous.”