Family Group Loses Payment Processing After Being Labeled Hate Group

Sep 9, 2017

The Ruth Institute lost its payment processing company after the Southern Poverty Law Center labeled it a hate group. The Ruth Institute “describes itself as an organization dedicated to ‘creating a mass social movement to end family breakdown.’” Payment processing provider, Vanco, flagged the Ruth Institute for “hate, violence, harassment, and/or abuse.” Vanco’s emailed statement read in part, “The organization has been flagged by Card Brands as being affiliated with a product/service that promotes hate, violence, harassment and/or abuse. Merchants that display such attributes are against Vanco and Wells Fargo processing policies.” The Ruth Institute found that the donation feature on its website had already been disabled by the time Vanco’s email was received. Dr. Jennifer Morse, founder of the Ruth Institute, said, “The corporate left is out there doing what they do and I can’t stop them—they’re going to do what they do with their power.” She went on to say that the incident has given her a chance to talk about the mission of the Ruth Institute. “We believe that family breakdown is harmful to children. We believe that family breakdown is harmful to children We believe it’s unjust to children, and that children have a right to have a relationship with both of their parent and to know their identity.” So far Vanco has remained unavailable for comment.