Random Kindness in Midst of Chaos

Sep 9, 2017

Florida resident Pam Brekke went out to buy a generator in Thursday’s rush to prepare for Hurricane Irma. Brekke was next in line at Lowe’s to buy one, but the last generator was sold to the customer in front of her. Brekke’s father is on oxygen and she needed it to power his oxygen supply. Another customer in the store, Ramon Santiago, saw Brekke break down in tears. He insisted the she take the generator he was planning to buy so that she could help her father. Moved by his kindness, Brekke hugged Santiago. The exchange was a huge hit on social media as well as Lowe’s. Later in the day, another generator became available and the Lowe’s store manager immediately thought of Santiago and his act of kind kindness. On Friday, Santiago returned to Lowe’s and the store gave him the generator and a gasoline can free of charge. “I wanted to make sure he received it because he definitely deserved it. He’s the hero of the day,” said manager Melissa Rodriguez.