Possible Voter Fraud in New Hampshire

Sep 8, 2017

New Hampshire was a battle ground state during the last presidential election. The state is also one of fifteen states to allow same-day registration. This gives people who procrastinate a way to vote on election day. However the state has no ability to determine the eligibility of the voter. On election day in 2016 there were 6,540 same-day voter registrations. The voters showed up using “an out-of-state driver’s license for identification.” According to New Hampshire state law, new residents have 60 days to obtain a driver’s license. Ten months after the election, only 1,014 of the 6,540 same-day registrations received a new license. Of the 5,526 remaining, only 213 registered a vehicle in the state. The 5,513 remaining votes may have been enough to swing the senate election to the Democratic challenger Maggie Hassan. She won the election by 1,017 votes. Hillary Clinton won New Hampshire by a mere 2,732 votes.