Naval Certifications Expired

Sep 7, 2017

At least one-third of the warfare training certifications for the U.S. Navy’s destroyers and cruisers in Japan expired in June. Naval ships “require more than a dozen training certification, including mobility and seamanship and warfare capabilities like ballistic missile defense and surface warfare.” The Defense Department’s quest to assert American military might abroad has forced the Navy “to shorten, eliminate, or defer training and maintenance periods to support these high deployment rates.” The Government Accountability Office “found that incidents of degraded or out-of-service equipment nearly doubled from 2009 to 2014.” Because of deployment pressures, the Navy has adopted a ‘train on the margins’ approach to training. Crews “trained while underway or in the limited time between underway periods.” While the Navy has created plans to change operational schedules and increase training, none of the plans have been implemented.