President Stumps For Tax Plan

Sep 7, 2017

President Trump took his campaign for tax reform on the road Wednesday. The president flew to North Dakota. The president said that under the plan being developed by the White House and Congress, 95 percent of taxpayers could file their returns on a single page. “We’re giving hardworking Americans their time back and we’re giving them their money back,” said the president. “All told, it will be the greatest tax reduction in the history of our country, greater than ever before, so that’s going to be something. You’ll see a rocket ship. You will see something happen like you’ve never seen.” The president said that the American system of taxation is a “massive barrier to America’s economic comeback.” He went on to say that compliance with the tax code costs the economy millions of jobs and billions in waste on paperwork and compliance. The president called on Democrats to support his plan. He pointed out that in 1986 there was a Democratic majority in the House and a Republican in the White House and still Congress passed tax reform.