Cornell Unleashes Thought Police

Sep 6, 2017

Cornell University is telling students to report on other students who display “negative reactions” to a planned LGBT safe space project. The flier from the LGBT Resource Center says, “Negative reactions tend to be rare. If they do occur, report it to the Office of Workforce Diversity, Equity, and Life Quality via a Bias Reporting Team Member. . . . “ The Safe Place project will “affirm LGBTQ identities and lives and promote an affirmative and supportive environment” and “use inclusive language, avoid stereotyping, and not assume everyone is heterosexual.” It is not clear what penalties or actions will be taken against students who do not conform. In East Germany, the secret police were very effective in getting citizens to watch and report on their family members, friends, and workers. The Stasi created millions of files on East German citizens and sought to know everything on everyone.