Roy Moore Promises To Upset the Status Quo

Sep 5, 2017

Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore is planning to challenge the status quo if elected in November. Moore plans to fill the void left by Jeff Sessions when he became Attorney General. Moore plans to “vet candidates for judicial nominations” thoroughly and properly. “I’m a very strict constructionist of the Constitution and I know how to question . . .candidates for judicial offices, and I think I would be very successful in the United States Senate in doing that because I think that there’s so many in the judiciary and legal establishment that don’t understand the Constitution. . . .” Moore “intends to seek out impeachment of judges—even U.S. Supreme Court Justices—when they overstep their bounds.” Moore agrees with the economic nationalism of the president and it works well with voters in Alabama. Moore went on to say that not only does a senator have vote on national issues, but senators also have to “look at the effects of policies on the people of their state.” The runoff between Judge Moore and Luther strange is coming up at the end of September. The winner will run against the Democratic nominee.