Christians Protest Destruction of Their Church

Sep 5, 2017

Chinese Catholics gathered in front of their church to defend the property from demolition. Government officials beat several priests and lay people. “The officials had come to demolish a building belonging to the church, but the priests along with hundreds of laypeople sat in front of backhoes and other heavy machinery to block the demolition work.” Witnesses posted video of the clashes to social media. As the news of the demolition went viral “some 2,000 Church members gathered at the property to block the demolition, forcing the workers and security officials to leave the venue.” Members of the church expect that there will be more to come. Watchdog groups have “warned of a campaign to destroy churches and suppress the rise of Christianity.” Religious groups such as the Christian “house churches” and Roman Catholic Church do not register with the state and have “no official status in the country and [are] subject to regular sanctions and arbitrary harassment.”