Political Calculus Over DACA

Sep 5, 2017

Former President Obama is planning to speak out if President Trump overturns DACA. The former president’s plan is to post a statement on Facebook with links from Twitter. During the former president’s final press conference, he vowed to speak out against “efforts to round up kids who have gown up here and for all practical purposes are American kids, and send them someplace else, when they love this country . . . .“ By posting on social media, the former president will avoid having video and audio footage of himself playing endlessly on broadcast media. Stirring up Republican voters is not what the former president wants to do. Nevertheless, with Obama entering into the fray over DACA, it may complicate matters for Republican leadership in the House and Senate. They cannot risk being seen as doing the former president’s bidding. If they do nothing, Democrats will shred Republicans as being cruel to illegal children.