Europe on Track to Take in More Migrants

Sep 2, 2017

The United Nations Refugee Agency wants Europe to let in 380,000 migrants a year. The European Union is increasing the number of asylum seekers by 20,000 a year but the UN agency wants that number to increase by double digits. The EU has submitted a new proposal to accept migrants in Africa instead of having them make their way to Europe before being considered for asylum. A spokesman for the UN Refugee Agency said “Europe is very stable compared to other continents, there are more than one million refugees in Uganda alone. Germany this week “signed a new agreement with the Egyptians to open an asylum reception center in Egypt. The French are also considering reception facilities in Chad and Niger. At least one pro immigrant group is unhappy with Germany’s plan to open asylum centers overseas. A spokesman for ProAsyl said, It is inconceivable that the Chancellor has betrayed European values in such a way….”