President To Decide Fate of DACA

Sep 2, 2017

President Trump will make a decision by Tuesday about the illegal immigrants known as Dreamers. On the chopping block is President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Under President Obama, illegal immigrants brought to America as children were given legal status. During the campaign, candidate Trump seemed to indicate that he would “immediately terminate” DACA. However, after becoming president, Trump said that Dreamers “shouldn’t be very worried” about being deported. When the president failed to end DACA, ten state attorneys general announced in June that they would sue to end DACA if the government did not stop issuing permits by September 5. Under that scenario, the permits would expire over a two year period and the beneficiaries would revert to their pre-2012 status. It is unclear if Immigration and Customs Enforcement would take steps to deport them.