No Border Wall, No Government Shut Down

Sep 2, 2017

The White House is backing away from its ultimatum to have the border wall funded or shut down the government. The prospects of getting the government’s budget finished by the end of September are remote. So Republicans plan to fund the government through a short-term funding deal. President Trump assured supporters in Arizona that the border wall would be funded. But the White House conceded late in the week that the $1.6 billion in border wall funding does not need to be in the short-term budget deal. The backdown comes as the House Freedom Caucus members said that they would support a continuing resolution even though it did not contain funding for the wall. The administration plans to press Congress for funding when the continuing budget resolution expires in December. However, Congress is notorious for passing endless continuing resolutions and not passing a full budget. It is possible that the president may be in the same position in December and have to forego funding for his wall.