Obama Is Most Expensive Ex-President

Sep 2, 2017

Former President Obama will cost taxpayers $1,153,000 in 2018. He will be the country’s most expensive ex-president. Under a law passed in the 1950s, former presidents receive an office, expenses, and a pension. The law was originally designed to lift Harry Truman out of poverty so that a former president would not live in squalor. Harry Truman cited his reverence for the office of the president and refused to cash in. However many ex-presidents do quite well after the presidency, including speaking events and book advances for their memoirs. Despite the high pay, taxpayer funded luxuries continue. President Obama’s 8,198 square foot office expense will cost $536,000 in 2018. He will receive a pension payment of $236,000. Former presidents also receive Secret Service protection for the remainder of their lives.