Salt Lake Nurse Arrested for Following Law

Sep 2, 2017

On Friday, footage was released of a Utah nurse being arrested and manhandled by a Utah police detective. The arrest happened July 26th. Officer Jeff Payne was at University Hospital in Salt Lake City to get a blood draw from an unconscious patient. Nurse Alex Wubbels got her supervisor on speaker phone so the officer and everyone could hear and be certain of what was said. The unconscious patient could not give consent. He was not under arrest. And Officer Payne did not have an electronic warrant. The police department had agreed that at least one of these conditions had to be met before the hospital could cooperate with the police and allow a blood draw. Nurse Wubbels made it clear that she was doing what she was supposed to do. Although the supervisor was on the phone and giving guidance to Nurse Wubbels, Officer Payne made it clear that because Nurse Wubbels was the one saying, “No,” he had cause to arrest her. With video footage of the incident breaking Friday, the Salt Lake Police Department has been inundated with outraged tweets, emails, and phone calls demanding Detective Jeff Payne’s arrest and incarceration. So far the best the Salt Lake Police Department has been able to do is to promise a criminal investigation and to put Detective Payne on a taxpayer funded vacation, also known as Administrative Leave.