Some Germans Want American Nukes Out Of Germany

Sep 1, 2017

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel supports removing the nuclear weapons that the United States stores in Germany. “Of course I am convinced that we need to finally start talking about demilitarisation again. In this regard, I agreed with Mr. Schulz’s point that we need to get rid of the nuclear weapons that are in our country.” The German Foreign Minister’s remarks echo those of Martin Schulz who is running for Chancellor in the upcoming elections. Last week Schulz said, “As Chancellor of Germany I would commit to having the nuclear weapons which are stored here removed from the country.” The United States is believed to have about 20 nuclear weapons in Germany. The United States has 34,000 troops stationed in Germany on various bases. Schulz is “deeply antagonistic towards the U.S. since the election of President Donald Trump.” In June he called the president an “autocrat.” Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party is leading in the polls and is expected to beat Martin Schulz’sSocial Democrat party.