HSS Slashes Obamacare Advertising

Sep 1, 2017

The Department of Health and Human Services will sharply scale back funding for Obamacare advertising. The department expects to spend $10 million this year as opposed to the $100 million spent last year. “A health-care system that has caused premiums to double and left nearly half of our counties with only one coverage option is not working. The Trump administration is determined to serve the American people instead of trying to sell them a bad deal,” said a spokesman for HSS. Outside organizations which help people sign up for Obamacare will see a cut in funding. HSS expects to spend $36.8 million on the program. Democrats are using this latest information to accuse the administration of trying to make the Affordable Care Act fail. "The only reason for slashing the advertising budget by 90% is to suppress enrollment in an effort to destabilize the markets,” said Representative Frank Pallone.