Hungary Sends $476 Million Bill to EU

Sep 1, 2017

The European Union is furious that Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic refuse to accept Muslim migrants. Hungary has flatly refused to take migrants. Instead it has erected a “razor-wired fence” to keep migrants out of its territory. The fence has successfully “erased illegal immigration into Hungary.” The border is guarded 24 hours a day and zones have been set up to “detain asylum seekers.” Janos Lazar, the prime minister’s chief of staff announced that Hungary’s government is sending the EU a bill for $476 million saying the fence is “protecting all the citizens of Europe from the flood of illegal migrants.“If we talk about European solidarity, then we must also discuss the protection of borders. Solidarity must be applicable there, too,” Lazar said at a press conference. “That burden must also be shared.” The EU is taking legal action against the countries for not complying with EU directives.