Major Efforts Launched to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Aug 30, 2017

As the disaster of Hurricane Harvey continues to devastate people in Texas and Louisiana, groups and individuals have come in to offer help. The usual charity and relief groups are there like the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, and Samaritan’s Purse, among many others. Individual Americans are also pitching in like neighbors, friends, strangers, and loosely knit groups like the Cajun Navy from Louisiana. These are just people with their own boats.

Celebrities like Kevin Hart, Houston Texans pro football player J.J. Watt, and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft are also on board. Watt has already raised over $3 million. Notably absent from the list of groups and individuals working to help victims are Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, the Clinton Foundation, George Soros, and Michael Moore.