McConnell Pours Money Into Alabama Senate Race

Aug 30, 2017

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is making good on his promise to help incumbent senators. McConnell’s Senate Leadership Fund has spent $2.3 million in the run up to the September 26 runoff election between incumbent Luther Strange and Judge Roy Moore. The majority of the spending has been spent on broadcast television advertising with the remainder going to advertise on cable TV, satellite, and radio. Although the spending has been extensive, all the major polls in the race put Moore ahead of Strange. The Senate Leadership Fund spent $4.2 million on behalf of Strange during the primary. The main effort in the primary was to keep Representative Mo Brooks from coming in second place. The Senate Leadership Fund has spent more money on the Alabama race than it spent in trying to win vulnerable Democratic seats in West Virginia and Missouri. Roy Moore is regarded as a supporter of the Trump agenda while Strange is more willing to support McConnell even if that means not delivering on the president’s priorities.