Continuing Resolution Gets Support From Freedom Caucus

Aug 30, 2017

The House Freedom Caucus is willing to pass a continuing resolution to keep the government funded to avoid a government shutdown even if it means no funding for the president’s border wall. “Most of the conservatives that I talked to are willing to … vote for a continuing resolution that just basically would not have wall funding in it — would continue the current stream of money that keeps the government operational while we work through and negotiate on the appropriations bill,” said Meadows. Mark Meadows who chairs the Freedom Caucus cited the need to keep the government running in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Meadows “offered his support for Harvey relief after Congress can gauge the ‘full amount of the damage’ in the Gulf Coast.” Meadows and the senators from Texas voted against funding aid to Hurricane Sandy victims. They cited the pork barrel spending that was attached to the bill as their reasons for voting against it. Meadows said, “As long as we keep the emergency relief really to support the people in need, whether they be in New York or Texas, I think you’ll find plenty of conservative support and certainly my support.”