Houston Teens Rescue 50 People

Aug 30, 2017

The flooding in Houston is bringing out the best in Texans. Four teenage boys, Thomas Edwards, Richard Dickason, and Liam and Declan Connor used Declan’s small fishing boat to rescue as many as 50 people and many pets. The boys heard people screaming for help. So “we began to pick people up and take them to a local Krogers, where other evacuees sought refuge. We were the only boat in the neighborhood until 2 o’clock, and we motored back and forth making trips to rescue as many people as we could,” said Edwards. “We rescued families, babies, dogs, rabbits, you name it,” said Edwards. “It was an incredibly surreal experience to take a boat down streets while trying to doge sunken cars and overhanging tree limbs.” “Someone said that in times like these, differences don’t matter because we are all in the same predicament,” said Edwards. “I thought it was incredibly valiant to see how the whole community banded together to save one another.”