Chinese Electronic Warfare

Aug 30, 2017

The collisions between American warships and merchant vessels has military experts wondering if China messed with American navigation systems to create the collisions. China has been a leader in developing electronic warfare capabilities. Its jammers, disruptors, drones, and cyber tools “can cause electronics to malfunction mysteriously, or to operate in ways that can cause them to self-destruct. The Chinese military has written extensively on “the use of electronic warfare.” It has developed “a distributed electronic warfare system that will be used to attack battle groups at sea.” China’s military industry has developed an “anti-Aegis defense system” specifically to combat American warships equipped with the Aegis system. So far the U.S. Navy has blamed mechanical failure and crew error on the collisions. But it is not ruling the possibility that the ship’s electronics were disrupted. China wants to remove American power from Asia. It sees the American Navy as interfering in China’s backyard.