Left Wing Racist Insanity Continues

Aug 28, 2017

First the liberals called for the removal of monuments to the confederacy because they were “racist”. Then they started to call for the destruction of monuments to American history and our founding fathers like at Mount Rushmore and the Jefferson Memorial. Then the insanity progressed to ESPN removing an Asian/American announcer from calling a football game in Virginia because his name is Robert Lee.

Now, a leader of the Black Student Assembly has called for USC to get rid of its mascot because it is a white horse that happens to be named Traveler that was the same name as Robert E. Lee’s horse. Of course, the horse is ridden onto the field by a Trojan warrior. In addition, a theater in Memphis, Tennessee will no longer show the iconic, award winning movie “Gone with the Wind” because someone complained it was too sympathetic to the old south.