Manafort House Raided

Aug 10, 2017

News broke on Wednesday that the FBI executed a search warrant at the house of former Trump Campaign chairman Paul Manafort. The raid took place in July. Speculation into the possible meaning of the raid was rampant. A former Justice Department prosecutor Peter Zeidenberg said that the raid was a “big deal.” “Prosecutors do not take aggressive steps like this with subjects who the government feels are being open and cooperative. And they also do not do this to ‘send a message.’ They do it because they think there is evidence to be found and that if they do not act aggressively, it could be destroyed.” Samuel Buell, a former federal prosecutor, said the search warrant indicated Special Counsel Mueller thought Manafort might not comply with document requests or a subpoena. Defense attorney William Jeffress, thought the FBI affidavit, clearing the way for the search warrant, might be “dynamite.” He thought it would detail what the government expects to accomplish in the investigation. Manafort’s attorney said that his client had been cooperative with congressional probes.