Trial for Democratic Senator to Proceed

Aug 10, 2017

Democrat Senator Bob Menendez will have to go to trial in September. A federal judge rejected a motion to dismiss the charges on Wednesday. The motion to dismiss argued that no “official acts” were done by Senator Menendez. But the judge said that a determination of that question will have to be made during trial. It cannot be determined until after the government has presented its evidence at trial. The senator received campaign contributions, flights on private jets, and luxury vacations from Salomon Melgen, a Florida eye doctor. Menendez allegedly asked government officials to intervene on behalf of Melgen with billing issues for Medicare and Medicaid. Melgen was found guilty of Medicare fraud in April. Melgen gave over $750,000 to Menendez and committees tied to him. A guilty verdict might pave the way for outgoing Governor Chris Christie to appoint a Republican to the Senate seat.