Trump Silent While Arpaio Twists

Aug 8, 2017

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was convicted of criminal misdemeanor contempt in late July. He was enforcing the very immigration laws that the Trump Administration is now seeking to enforce. Yet, as Joe Arpaio pointed out, “Where is President Trump on this case? This is a witch hunt against me that is being carried forward by Obama holdovers in Attorney General Sessions’ Department of Justice.” Arpaio supported Trump early in the primaries. He issued a formal endorsement and even appeared with candidate Trump at campaign rallies. Accepting the endorsement, Trump said, “I have great respect for Sheriff Arpaio. We must restore law and order on the border and respect the men and women of our police forces. I thank him for his support of my policies and candidacy for president.” Arpaio’s attorneys will appeal the conviction. Arpaio is scheduled to be sentence October 5, 2017