Keeping the CBO Accountable

Aug 7, 2017

Senator Mike Lee wants the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to be transparent as to how it calculates its projections. The CBO has been way off on several significant pieces of legislation. In 2010 the CBO estimated that 21 million people would receive healthcare by 2016. But only 10 million did. The CBO predicted that Medicaid would grow by 17 million people. Actually 34 million people were added to Medicaid’s rolls. The CBO estimated that if the Obamacare individual mandate were repealed, 7 million people would lose their Medicaid coverage. The CBO makes fantastic projections that never seem to be rooted in reality. The CBO does not have to reveal any of its data, models, or details of how it arrived at its conclusions. Senator Lee introduced legislation to require the CBO to release all information that it uses to score legislation.