Starbucks Employees Mock Customer

Jun 19, 2017

Kayla Hart wore a Donald Trump shirt into a Starbucks on Wednesday in North Carolina. Instead of being greeted and the cashier taking her order, the cashier laughed at her. Before shoving a drink towards Hart, the drink was labeled with a political message that mocked her support of the president. Other employees in the back of the store started laughing at Hart. The laughter was enough to get the attention of all the other customers in the store so that everyone was staring at Hart. She walked out. She submitted a complaint to the company. Starbucks issued a statement: “We failed to meet this customer's expectations of us, and we have apologized and are working directly with her to make it right. This experience is not consistent with our standards or the welcoming and respectful experience we aim to provide every customer who visit our stores. We have spoken with our store partners about this situation and are using this as a coaching opportunity for the future.”