Venezuela Goes From Bad to Worse

Jun 13, 2017

Anti-government marches in Venezuela are growing in frequency. Since late March, 84 protestors have been killed in confrontations with police and military. Armed police are on every street corner. Pro government propaganda competes with anti-government graffiti denouncing the socialist regime. Violence, poverty, inflation, and a breakdown in basic services plague the country. The inflation rate hit 800% in December 2016 and some people predict 1500% inflation by the end of 2017. Adding to the misery is that 16,000 doctors have left the country over the last 12 years. Infant mortality rose by 30% and maternal mortality increased by 66% in 2016. Diseases such as malaria and diphtheria are rising. The government blames the fall in the price of oil for the country’s miseries. Not its socialist policies.