Logical Outworking of Abortion

Jun 12, 2017

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled 6-1 that parents of a severely disabled child may sue the physicians because they did not inform the parents of test results showing abnormalities. Although the mother testified that she “really enjoys spending time with” her son “and gets a lot of happiness from him,” both parents say they would have aborted their child. According to the opinion, the parents “seek to recover their ordinary and extraordinary costs of raising the child and their loss of income and emotional distress.” Dissenting Justice Edward Mansfield wrote that the majority opinion relies on the term “severely disabled child”. But the term is not defined by the court. “What if testing indicates the child will be born blind or without a hand? Is that enough,” to say the child is severely disabled? “In my view, the court’s ruling leads to a slippery slope,” wrote Justice Mansfield.