Republicans will have to Change Senate rules to Confirm Gorsuch

Apr 4, 2017

Senate Democrats have 41 confirmed votes against confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch to ensure that their planned filibuster cannot be stopped by the majority. It takes 60 votes to shut off debate and the Republicans would need 8 Democrats to cross over in order to do that. They only have four.

Thus, it appears certain the Republicas, who control the Senate majority will have to change the Senate rules on “cloture” (shutting off debate) from a super majority to a simple majority. Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley didn’t mince words about Democrats who were voting on someone as qualified as Gorsuch:

"His testimony, and the testimony of those who actually know him should create a dilemma for anybody who is desperate for a reason to vote no, because if you're voting on qualifications and not politics, you'd vote yes," Grassley said. "If you'd filibuster Judge Gorsuch, it's obvious you'd filibuster anybody.”