Senate Intel Committee: No Evidence of Anti-Trump Wiretap

Mar 17, 2017

If, as President Trump has claimed, his predecessor illegally wiretapped Trump Tower for political reasons during last year’s campaign, the evidence has yet to be provided to the Senate Intelligence Committee or its analogue in the House of Representatives.

“Based on the information available to us, we see no indications that Trump Tower was the subject of surveillance by any element of the United States government either before or after Election Day 2016,” asserted a joint statement filed by Republican Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina and Democrat Mark Warner of Virginia.

California Republican Representative Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, had previously said that with respect to Trump’s wiretapping claim, “we don’t have any evidence that that took place. In fact,” Nunes continued, “I don’t believe … there was an actual tap of Trump Tower.”

In an interview with Tucker Carlson of Fox News, President Trump – in an aside of the sort that must by now make his aides and press spokespeople flinch – claimed that “I just want people to know that the CIA was hacked and a lot of things taken. That was during the Obama years, that was not during us, that was during the Obama situation.”

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff of California, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, responded to Trump’s ill-considered statement on national television by pointing out that “the president appears to have discussed something that, if true and accurate, would otherwise be considered classified information.”