Is Chelsea Clinton Going into the Family Business?

Mar 16, 2017

Following her mother’s unexpected defeat in last November’s presidential election, Chelsea Clinton was reportedly being “groomed” to run for Congress, most likely as a replacement for New York Democrat Nita Lowey, who turns 80 this year. At the time, one former Clinton adviser wearily suggested that it might be better to “let the dust settle a bit before we start talking about another Clinton race.” However, as The Hill reports, “that skepticism is starting to fade,” and there are indications that the youngest Clinton could run for the New York Senate seat currently occupied by Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand, if the latter decides to mount a 2020 presidential run.

Many of the Clinton family’s aides and long-time advisers remain gun-shy about a potential Chelsea Clinton campaign.

“Longtime aides, donors and supporters of the Clintons are still reeling from President Trump’s victory,” observes The Hill. “With feelings still so raw, the timing might not be right for Chelsea Clinton to make the jump.”

“Even if it’s a year or two or three from now, I still don’t think the timing would be right,” one veteran of Hillary’s 2016 campaign insists. “I know it’s not fair to [Chelsea], but nothing feels right about it. It feels too forced.”

Chelsea Clinton continues to serve as the vice chair of the family’s scandal-ridden foundation and has a position as an adjunct professor at Columbia University, where she teaches a class on “global health governance.”