Government: We’re Not Always Right, But We Can Never Be Wrong

Mar 16, 2017

Government bureaucrats are often wrong, but never in doubt. They never explain their errors, or apologize for them, even when they disrupt the lives of people who unwisely confide in them. This was demonstrated in the recent, underwhelming winter storm in the Northeastern States.

For several days, government-aligned media outlets dutifully retailed grim warnings of what was described as a potentially apocalyptic onslaught. However, as the AP reports, “Before the first snow fell, US meteorologists realized there was a good chance the late winter storm wasn’t going to produce giant snow totals in the Northeast as predicted. But they didn’t change their forecasts because they said they didn’t want to confuse the public” –as if confusion is what results when people are given reliable information.

Officials from National Weather Service offices in Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington “held a conference call Monday afternoon about computer models that dramatically cut predicted snow amounts,” elaborates the AP. “They decided to keep the super snowy warnings,” on the assumption that the public might get the message “that the storm was no longer a threat.”

“The nature of the beast is that there’s always uncertainty in every forecast,” conceded Greg Carbin, chief of forecast operations at the Weather Prediction Center in Maryland. This is something that should be kept in mind when “climate change” alarmists confidently predict climate disasters in the distant future on the basis of contemporary computer models.