Honest Progressive Commentator Reminds the “Dyspeptic Left”: You Created Trump

Feb 15, 2017

Leftist critics of Donald Trump who describe him as a reality-averse warmonger suffer from a convenient form of amnesia, writes Luciana Bohne in the progressive journal CounterPunch.

“Before Trump emerged from the electoral swamp the winner, everything already had been the contrary of everything,” she observes, rebuking liberals who claim that Trump is engaged in an Orwellian reengineering of reality. “The liberation of 100,000 civilians in Aleppo in December 2016 by the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian allies from four years of Western-backed terror, they called a `war crime.’ The separation of Crimeans from Ukraine by popular referendum … joining Russia, they called `Russian aggression.’”

Many of the same commentators who deride Trump as a “fascist” and demand that his administration not be “normalized” in the media were mute during Obama’s “reign of illegal wars, regime changes, ubiquitous sanctions, and terror proxy armies,” she continues. All of this was “studiously ignored or fictionalized by the scribbler-courtiers in the media, the punditry, think-tanks, foundations, and officialdom.”

The real danger represented by the Trump administration, from Bohne’s perspective, is not that he will represent a radical departure from existing norms, but rather that his administration will pursue continuity with the policies of his predecessors. “Long-standing objectives appear to be shared,” she concludes. “What seems to be the bone of contention is the method of dominating American public opinion.”